Kommunicera med en app på Facebook

Below, I thought to check out and compare a few sites where you can create apps and promotions to your Facebook page!

We begin with ClickAppy!


ClickAppy is a site for creating apps and promotions on Facebook, including fan offers, photo contests, sweepstakes ,coupons and seasonal based apps. You can also call in your Instagram, Twitter and Youtube feeds. For restaurateurs there is an app where you can implement Livebooking’s Bookatable widget on Facebook, so customers can book directly from your Facebook page.

Clients choose from templates and customize them by clicking on different sections of the template. The text, images, fonts, color, entry settings, forms and sharing messages can all be edited easily. It’s a real benefit to have a pre-made template to begin from. It saves time because you only edit the sections you need too and the rest is already done for you.


It’s free to use ClickAppy, but there is a cost once you decide to activate the apps or promotions on Facebook. The monthly cost ranges between $3 and $129. You receive a lot for the price.

The benefits

Ease of use. It’s really easy to edit, design and customize.  No technical knowledge is needed, so everyone can create what they need. There’s also a nice admin panel for each app and promotion with real time statics. The reports can be downloaded in PDF format which is great for sharing the results with others.

All the text elements can be edited, which means you can run a promotion in any language and mobile versions of the apps are automatically created from your design.

It’s extremely inexpensive if you compare to other options for creating apps and promotions on Facebook and you really do have a lot of possibilities to create what you need.